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We hope you will join Autism Lifeline Links so we can work together to find better solutions for and gain a deeper understanding of the unique needs of people living with autism in San Antonio, Bexar County and the surrounding areas.

As individuals with autism grow and change, their educational, social, medical, psychological and other needs evolve. Understanding how to recognize these different phases and address them with appropriate responses goes a long way toward helping support family, friends and loved ones on the autism spectrum.

Parent/caregiver of an autistic child

Is your child on the spectrum?

When my child was diagnosed with autism, I had no idea where to go for help or what information to trust. With Autism Lifeline Links, I have a single location to find needed support and resources.

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Autistic Adult

Are you an adult on the spectrum?

I want to lead an organized life where I have friends, a job with a schedule, and the ability to manage my bills.

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Parent/caregiver of an autistic adult

Are you the parent/caregiver of an adult on the spectrum?

My son is 18 and I’m worried about his future as an adult with autism. I need guidance to make sure he’ll be able to find and hold a good job and live successfully on his own.

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Autism professional who wants to help

I am a professional who wants to help.

Parents and caregivers frequently come to me with questions. With Autism Lifeline Links, I’m confident I’m connecting them to a network that helps them access solutions.

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Start receiving help today with people and resources who can help you find solutions and provide assistance and needed support in Bexar County and surrounding areas. We invite you to be part of Autism Lifeline Links as we work to create efficiencies and streamline the process for individuals and families to access services through a continuum of care.

Should you choose to participate in Autism Lifeline Links, you will need to complete the Authorization to Use and Disclose Protected Health Information (or other confidential information) available for download here.

The information disclosed may be used by the individual/entity receiving the information for any and all services/participation in Autism Lifeline Links (ALL) for continuum of care. ALL is a network of providers caring for an individual with Autism utilizing a network system (TAV Connect) to ensure continuity of care and avoid duplication. TAVConnect is a HIPAA-secured, cloud-based platform meeting rigorous standards for data protection. Your personal information is gathered for demographic purposes only and will not be shared with any government agency. Your benefits will not be reduced due to sharing details related to your family with the ALL group.


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Our referral agencies and community partners are always looking for volunteers to share their time, ideas and talents, or to help at an event. Your generous contribution of time as a volunteer helps to keep costs down so these agencies are better able to provide services to individuals and families affected by autism. We encourage you to visit any of the ALL referral agency and community partner websites to learn more about their volunteer opportunities and needs.

On behalf of ALL, we thank you!

Advocacy and Legislation

Currently, neither Medicaid nor many private insurers pay for ABA therapy in Texas. Autism Lifeline Links supports a legislative agenda advocating for Medicaid coverage of ABA therapy. This can be accomplished in a non-revenue action, through the licensure of Board Certified Behavioral Analysts. In addition, to make the case for equitable access to this intensive and effective intervention for families.

Autism Lifeline Links also supports legislation for funding and policies that increase community based, long-term services for Texans with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD), especially funding necessary to significantly decrease the current interest lists (waiting lists) for Medicaid waiver programs such as Community Living Assistance Services and Supports Act (CLASS) and Home and Community-based Services Waiver (HCS).

Review milestones from birth to 5 years to evaluate your child's progress.