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Autism Lifeline Links is focused on helping individuals, families and professionals within the autism community in Bexar County and surrounding areas, connect with one another to share information, provide assistance and get needed support.

A single point of entry into a system of services and care.

Start receiving help today with people and resources who can help you find solutions and provide assistance and needed support in Bexar County and surrounding areas. We invite you to be part of Autism Lifeline Links as we work to create efficiencies and streamline the process for individuals and families to access services through a continuum of care.

1. Register


Start by registering on the ALL website. The information you provide is confidential and only be used to help those with autism.

2. Confirmation


Once your information is complete, you will receive an email confirmation.

3. Contact


An ALL Care Coordinator will contact you within 24 business hours of registration.

4. Connect


The ALL Care Coordinator will connect with you and address your needs.

5. Support


From that point forward, you will receive support, updates and resources.

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Local Adult Assessment

Assessment of Area Adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder and Other Intellectual and Developmental Disability

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FREE training, Mindful Parneting

Start Date/Time: Thursday, October 11, 2018 9:00 AM

End Date/Time: Thursday, October 11, 2018 12:00 PM


Training offered Face to Face or  via Webinar

Have you ever said to a kid, “Why don’t you just calm down?!” Of course you have; we all have! Being able to “just calm down” is actually a skill called self-regulation that requires a part of the brain called the prefrontal cortex. However, that part of a child’s brain doesn’t completely develop until he or she is in their early twenties. In addition, it doesn’t just develop in positive ways on its own; instead, optimal development is completely dependent on a child being raised in a warm, loving language-rich home environment.

This interactive training will explore mindfulness activities for kids, and the type of language parents and teachers can use to foster children who will succeed academically, socially, and emotionally.

Session ID: 53081  Webinar Session ID: 53170

Location: ESC-20 (1314 Hines Avenue; SATX 78208) in the Frederick J. Maples Conference Center

To Register:  See attached instructions on setting up a Connect20 account to register. If you already have a Connect20 account, register using the Session ID#.

Registration instructions can also be found at  

Registration Questions? Contact: ESC-20 Registration 210-370-5371,



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