AACOG- Safety Care for Families Advanced Skills 1 And 2 (In Person)

Event Date: 9/12/2023 9:30 AM — 9/12/2023 1:30 PM

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Safety-Care for Families has been developed to help parents, family members, foster parents, and in-home support staff who provide support in a home or home-like environment to individuals who present behavioral challenges. By implementing effective prevention and intervention strategies, we can enhance the individual’s quality of care and quality of life. In the process, the safety of everyone can also be greatly improved.

*This is part 2 of a 2 part series. You need to take the Essentials class prior to the Advanced classes.

**Please be on time ** Classes may get canceled.'

This Class will be held in person. This class will only be taught to individuals who are enrolled in CRISIS program or are with a provider agency.

***Please wear socks and shoes!!

PLACE: 2700 NE Loop 410 (Titan Building) Suite 160